Ticket Bai & Batuz

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¿ What is it ?

Ticket BAI  is a joint project of Haciendas Forales and Vasco Government that affects the company's billing software in an attempt to facilitate greater fiscal control. It will be of global application for all freelancers and companies operating in the statutory territory, with opcional implementation from 01.07.2020 and mandatory from   01.01.2021.

¿ How it affects me ?

At User level, we have basically two impacts:

A. The billing software that you choose for your company must cumply with:

  •  Obligation to generate invoices for each product and/or service sold.

  • The invoices should be certified and electronically signed, including the information that ensures that neither the software, the device or the invoice has been manipulated.

  • Billing information must be communicated periodically to the farm according to the described format requested by them.

B. Additionally, invoices must be printed with a QR Bar Code in which invoice's information will be encrypted, therefore the printing devices have to be adapted.


¿ And the SII ?

The obligation to submit the SII is maintained, although there are changes in the type of information that must be send to the farms, both for the inclusion of the validation codes in the invoices issued, and for  the communication of registration book of accounting movements  that until now were not send. The details of this changes will be confirmed by each of regional farms.

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Solutions ...

From Onenak, we have typified several solutions that respond to our costumers needs. Call us and we will design the best solution for your company always keeping in mind the restrictions of your reality...

  • Customers with obsolete technologies

  • Customers who decided to implement the new requirements  themselves

  • Customers who already have a software solution available and needs support for tests or wants to optimize  their billing processes

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